About Us

SC Media, is a professional website design company specializing in building and marketing websites for a wide range of business professionals. Our list of satisfied clients includes construction companies, franchise companies, music professionals, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Here at SC Media, we pride ourselves on building quality websites that are tailored to reflect your professional image, as well as effectively market your services and expertise to new and established clients.

If you have web design or web development needs and your company is located in New Hampshire or New England, we would love the chance to sit down and meet with you. If your company is outside the New England area, no worries – we serve clients across the U.S. – it all starts with a phone call. Call today!

SC Media surpasses all the competition when it comes to providing outstanding and immediate customer service. We understand the value of your time, both personal and professional. That’s why SC Media know the importance of providing our clients with fast, efficient service and quality designs that reflect both you and your company.

The dedication that we show for our clients and their businesses is unsurpassed in the web design industry. Since the start SC Media has been making our customers, and their satisfaction, our top priority. We work diligently with our clients to ensure that all their design needs are being met in a smooth and efficient manner. This is just one of the many reasons as to why choosing SC Media as your design company is a smart business decision.

About The Designer

"Life is a multi-dimensional matrix of perspectives… A soul's horoscope spun in a kaleidoscope of odds and opportunities, reflected each day in the hundreds of holograms that people see as you." - Scott Cleary

I live in a different world than most people who will read this. I was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (amc), and it might sound like I have a griping problem, but it's not quite that simple. From birth AMC stiffens the muscles, tendons and joints of a young body and tries to contort them. After a while it stops and you're left with changes that will thereon affect how you see and live every day of your life.

Thanks to my many doctors and the operations I've lived through, and my family's patience and unending love, I gained the partial use of my arms, legs and hands to get through the basics of daily living. I use to use a bicycle with no peddles so I could get around like other kids, and still today I'm known to most people, as Scooter. It's a name that aptly fits and usually makes people smile.

Like all kids I loved Disney cartoons and always loved to draw, so after I graduated from high school, I went to Orlando, Fl. and eventually graduated from Full Sail University. My degree is in Computer Animation and Graphics. Computers and the Internet opened the doors of the universe for me to explore and the possibility for me to make a livelihood doing something I love.

I try to see my differences every day as my advantage. You see the world in a special way when you get the chance to experience the world different than most other people. It is a big world with billions of ways to see and experience it. I say look inside yourself first to be able to really see.

Scott Cleary has the idealism, drive and stick-to-itiveness that makes me proud that he has been my faithful friend and a cornerstone contributor to my business projects for over a decade.

Randy Jacobs

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